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by Jaagruk Bharat

09-07-2024 at 10:29 AM


India And Its Step Ahead On Equality: The Mai Bhago Istri Shakti Scheme

The Mai Bhago Istri Shakti Scheme launched by the Government of Punjab focuses on empowering women from rural backgrounds economically while also helping them establish their business ventures, helping them be independent. Let’s understand this scheme for rural development in detail. 

Objectives Of The Mai Bhago Istri Shakti Scheme

The most important objective of the Mai Bhago Istri Shakti Scheme is to improve the financial conditions of women living in rural areas. 

  • Help the women in rural areas to earn a regular mode of income by helping them be self-sufficient and by improving self-employment opportunities and small businesses to ensure a steady flow of income. This helps provide women with means and modes of income, helping them not be dependent on others for their livelihood.

  • The Scheme makes sure to provide the necessary training for women to sharpen their skills to help them ready themselves for employment and business. Helping them prepare for real-world business situations. 

  • The scheme aims to provide a diverse livelihood option and also aims for the socio-economic empowerment of women by opening up several chances before them.

The Benefits Of The Mai Bhago Istri Shakti Scheme

The scheme offers several benefits for the rural women of Punjab, such as:

  • Government loan schemes of up to Rs. 25,000 are sanctioned to the women through the Primary Agriculture Cooperative Societies, which is also at a feasible interest rate of 8-10% per annum. Which is substantially lesser than the normal interest rates, making it easier for the women to come up later on.

  • The women also have the option to take up the loan either individually or in groups for the setting up of micro-industries like shops, repair services or cottage industries.

  • Proper training is provided as part of this scheme to women on trades like tailoring, embroidery, management of livestock, food processing and so on.

  • Added support is provided to the women’s businesses by the scheme as they help conduct exhibitions, melas etc to help women sell their products more easily.

Types Of Projects Promoted Under The Mai Bhago Istri Shakti Scheme

The projects being pushed to provide opportunities for self-employment for women under this scheme are:

  • Handicrafts such as pottery, wooden crafts, phulkari etc.

  • Fashion designing and garment manufacturing.

  • Sectors in animal husbandry and dairy.

  • Public services like beauty parlours, phone booths, and computer training centres.

  • Processing units for pickles, papad, spices etc.

Eligibility Criteria For The Mai Bhago Istri Shakti Scheme

To be eligible to be a part of the scheme, applicants must be:

  • A female resident of the state of Punjab, also belonging to a rural background.

  • Have an Aadhaar Card and bank account.

  • Submit necessary documentation, such as their proof of residence which may be in the form of an electricity and water bill as well.

Application Process For The Mai Bhago Istri Shakti Scheme

To apply for the Mai Bhago Istri Shakti Scheme, applicants must:

  • One must check if they are eligible to apply for it in the first place.

  • Women fitting the eligibility criteria can then visit their nearest Primary Agriculture Cooperative Society.

  • Fill out the form provided and submit the required documents.

  • The application is then processed by the cooperative bank.

  • Once approved, the bank will approve the loan amount to be passed.


The Mai Bhago Istri Shakti Scheme is a brave initiative by the Punjab Government which lends a helping hand to rural women, supporting them financially while also giving them much-needed technical support to help empower rural women by allowing them to be self-employed entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Learn in detail about the scheme here or mail for any queries.



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